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What Specialized Kinesiology doesn't do
and the Netherton Method does, and why.
  Section 2
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               This article is meant for non-practitioners of specialized kinesiology as well as people who are practitioners and their clients.  So there will be points I discuss that practitioners already know about.

               I want to point out another  issue.  We can indeed use various techniques to diminish the size of the stored material, all of the same pattern.  We just release it out of the body and energy field.  The Bodywork, SK, Netherton method and many others can do a lot of it.  And people do get "better."
                But at the bottom, there's an unresolved survival issue.
 This, Part-3, continues the explanation of the "embedding" or "implanting" of belief systems from Part-1.  It focuses on the survival issue being at the root of why the episodes got stuck in the first place
                I'm also going to give detailed examples of how psychological patterns are interconnected with physical events.

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Body-Mind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian, Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.      
years successful experience with this particular system
For more information & free consultations, call 321-726-9083 EST  GMT-5


                   The bottom line here is:  We over react to circumstances in our current lives because, in the underlying episodes, we were being killed in the same kind of circumstances.  We also over react because of non-killing past experiences also stored inside.  But even they always seem to have some sentence that says you'll be killed or that you think you will die.
An angry parent might yell at a kid, but hold back from hitting him.  The feelings in the parent's arms and belly say, "I want to kill this kid," or "I want to strangle this kid."
                 The other people's words say it.  In the processing, the person may first think that the Netherton words are "She's going to kill me."  But the energies release from his body when he says it as the parent's arms saying it.
                 In the example of the sick baby in Part-2, the mother's thoughts included, "I'm afraid he's going to die.  We have to get a doctor."
                 Babies haven't gone to school yet to learn to speak.  The man may first say, "I'm so sick I'm afraid I'm going to die."  And the baby was that sick.  It's biological energies were that way.  But what released the energies out of his body was when he felt the energies of himself and simultaneously said the words that his mother was feeling.

                     This is a good time to point out the importance of understanding the whole scenario of our pattern.  Each major episode has these elements in its script.
                      At birth, a mother might be thinking, "This is killing me," at the same moment that the baby is stuck in the birth canal and Mother is in terrible pain.  The doctor may be acting quickly to move the kid along, but he would also have a gut feeling
saying, "I have to get this baby out or they'll die."  He'll probably  be telling the mother to, "Push, Grace, push."  And mother is exhausted and saying back, "I can't."
                       The nurse might even be
holding Mother's hand and stroking her brow.  And when Mother does indeed push anyway, she may be grabbing onto the delivery table with tight hands.
                        So this person being born gets a "pattern" that creates a lot of abdominal pain when he or she gets stuck from moving forward in a life situation, then he pushes more and tightens his hands, arms, shoulders, neck and chest, and then accomplishes the task by successfully pushing through it.  But he's wiped out.  And friends or a loved one care about his difficulties.
                         After clearing out the sentences as well as the energies, the person doesn't create such stress when he or she gets stuck.  So he can move forward thought it with less wear and tear.  Maybe even more enjoyably and more efficiently, too.

                   Because there is trauma between our current conscious mind and the exact pictures of the past experiences, we get all of their words and feelings all mixed up
And most commonly, we think it's all us, probably because the words all appear in our own brain.  But to clear the old episodes, my professional experience says we have to separate out the two time periods, past and current, and remove the past one.  Netherton said that, too.
                We can't release the energies of a past experience unless we clearly see the past experience. We can't just generalize.
                   That would be like trying to get this morning's upset with someone else off our chests by thinking we, ourselves, played both roles in the argument and that other person wasn't even there.  The Netherton technique allows us to see, and clear, even past experiences we don't remember as they truly were.
                   In order to separate out who said and did what in the past experiences, we really need to see what really happened.
In the Netherton Method, we play the roles of each of the characters in the scene, expressing what each is saying, and doing.  Then "we" now see all of what happened because our conscious mind sees all the details as it is processing out the energies line by line.
                  Just because someone in the past belittles us, while they were physically and sexually overpowering us for their own needs, we don't have to believe that to this day.  But the energies stuck inside us from that trauma are his words that say those belittling things.
                  Because our mind is still embedded in the trauma of the event, we don't see the low self esteem statements are his words.  We don't clearly see the old experience in all its elements in a way that lets our own, conscious mind move on.
                  And in order to do that, we have to also release the traumatic energies out of us.  Psychotherapists know this as do SK practitioners.  The Netherton method of feeling the energies and simultaneously saying the other people's words, as well as our own, is a very effective, and relatively non traumatic way to do this thoroughly.

                At the end of this article, in part 4, I've included a very detailed, real life example of these energies in the original traumatic episodes.  It's about removing the issues stemming from a rape.  It'll explain almost everything I've been talking about in parts 2 and 3 of this article.

                  Now unlike most psychotherapists, in Netherton, and SK, we also go into past lives, because we have found that they create a foundation for the problem.  Whether Past Lives exist or whether you yourself believe in them is, actually totally irrelevant to doing the therapy. 
Some Christian people doing Netherton Therapy have called them creative consciousness episodes and got the same kind of successful results that other people do.
                   But let's follow the technique assuming, even hypothetically, that the past lives existed and their energies got stuck in our auric energy fields.  That's what we see happened when we do the therapy.
                   Specifically, what we find is that the deaths in which we were forced through hopelessness and total submission are the source of the unresolved pattern.
 We also have the same kinds of experiences early in this life, and they add to the pattern.  So when we have a seemingly hopeless and repressed experience in our current lives, the old energies activate.
                In the Netherton method, we bring them to consciousness as we move them out of the body and we get the mental resolution, too.  In the process of doing this, we also see mentally that the severe fears we've had about our current circumstances were because we've had all this powerful life threatening energy added from other times.  We see what exactly happened in those old events as we move through the energy, sentence by sentence.
                   Yet it is also the actual removal of those energies at the same time that "does the trick."  Awareness is good.  But awareness alone just allows us to "be with" the problem a little better.  It doesn't "remove" the problem.
                   Even when you're the only one around, this clears energies from the body and gives clarity to the traumatic experience.
                   I did Structural Integration Bodywork for a man who'd had a terrible fall with a concussion.
  He'd had various kinds of therapy treatments (but not kinesiology) in the year since the accident.  It all helped.  The first session of Bodywork really put him "more back here," and into his body again.  He was very impressed with the change.
                In the second Bodywork session, we simultaneously did a 2-hour Netherton process to clear out the energy from the incident, including his upset when other people tried to help him, and what their words said, too.  We removed their words by continuing to focus on his own energies in the incident.  Part of the energies he was experiencing then, physically, included his words and part included the other people's words. Some of their words went into him while he was still lying on the ground unconscious.
                From this clearing, he felt much better still.  And he said that he'd only remembered a few bits of the episode.  Part of his feeling better was seeing all the details every step of the way.

                   The body release, as SK practitioners know, is a big key to removing the problem.  However, what I'm saying in this section is that seeing the old experiences for oneself, and going through who actually said what in the episodes, is paramount for resolving the issue.  Turning off nerve signals and releasing energies out of the body helps an awful lot.  But it does not necessarily change a person's ongoing unresolved psychological perceptions.
                   The words at the past life deaths form the command statements and belief systems as they are put in the unconscious mind.  The same words are inside the energies in this life's traumas when we didn't die.  And the controlling restrictions, in the foundational episodes, are made by other people.

                 In the above man's case, he himself slipped and fell.  And while it helped him a lot to get it cleared up, especially with the Bodywork, too, his foundational psychological issue was as strong as ever.
                 Because of the Bodywork, he was softer on the outside and was better when his issue didn't pop up.  Also, some of the behavior when his issue did pop up lost a little of its edge.  We didn't do a Negative Pattern releasing series as I call it.  We just removed the recent trauma and the Bodywork helped make his behavior of the issue a little less strong on the outside. He wasn't always "right there" with it in a hard, reacting way.
                    In talking with this man after the session, I found that his behavior with others in this accident episode was the same issue that he'd had since childhood.  The embedded energies of his old confrontations from childhood popped up even in this kind of circumstance, even when he wasn't being being abused by the other people in this scene.             

                    In fact. the "whole" scenario of our pattern was forced on us, not just a few command statements.  It was originally forced on by the intentions of other people, with their own thoughts, feelings and outright statements going into the victim.  They overpower and "brand" the victim with an entire mini-play.
These mini-plays broadcast out of the person energies that attract the "wrong" people into their lives, and then they take up the victim role of the internal script and say the lines and do the actions of that person in their script.  We are being run by parasites from the past.  When we see who said what and did what, while we are removing those energies, we clear up that level of the issue.
                 So besides not creating the words that he now thinks or says, or the reactions he now does, the person did not even make the original decisions to have this happen to begin with, during the original past events.
The only reason they happened, if you want to consider it, was karmic payback.  Netherton said that we were the victimizer and then we become the victim.  There's a lot to this, so it's the subject of another article.  Here, I want to stay focused on this concept of direct energy implants.

                   In fact, these command statements were not even what we'd call decisions. They were "sentences" describing the hopelessness and activity of the event, and they were physically forced into our flesh by the action of another person or persons.
    So even when a person has an SK “diffusion” to remove the statements from the brain and remove the energies of tensing up from the body, it doesn't remove the original embedded commands.  The commands to keep the energy there are actually in the energy that's there.
                The Netherton method to erase them is to feel the energies in the body or look at the pictures in the minds eye.  Then say the sentences that come to consciousness out of the energies. 
This usually takes a coach or therapist to help, but after somebody's done the method a number of times, they may be able to do sections of episodes on their own.
              We consciously experience the old energies and "live out" the scenes. What gets the energy out isn't that we're now "re-living" the event psychologically.  We're doing that.  But what's getting it out is the energetic process of "becoming" the energy and enabling it to express itself.
                  In SK, the technique is to erase the mental neurological pattern holding the muscles tight.  Release the muscles and the energy dissipates away.  But as I've been attempting to clarify, for these episodes, there are no "original" neurological patterns.

                  The most damaging energies are those that command us to have certain hang-ups, that we should view the world a certain way.  Yet they weren't necessarily said as decision commands
, but rather as reports of present tense circumstances at the time.
                 What the Netherton method does is access the specific experience and say those reports.
 Even if the old events happened with people in China, we use our present day brains to translate the recorded energies into English (or French) sentences.  Seeing the exact event, and saying the exact words that the exact person is speaking, erases that energy from its embedded location.
              What the mechanism of the releasing technique does is deal with the energy imprint itself.  In this regard it is very much like what SK is doing.  Only it does it from within the energy itself, because there's no place in "our" body to remove it from.  It's a foreign substance. We can only remove it by letting it express itself.
                  Other therapy techniques do it, too, like Reichian and Bioenergetic therapy.  But the first person present tense word technique in this method is somewhat unique.
                  And because I can actually see and feel energies in the body, I think it's important to bring the detailed specifics of each event to crystal clarity.  For two reasons.  It's the only way to clear the energy.  (I know, because I monitor the energy movement with my aura and psychic centers.)  And it's the only way for the conscious mind to clearly see that it was other people saying these words, and not his own mind thinking them in either the past or the present.


               I want to comment on trying to change these old tapes.  You can do it in brain patterns.  But you can't do it for the energies themselves.  So guiding a client through an imagery with a different outcome of the old scene doesn't change the original scene.  It will help to create another outcome though, if you do it as a repeated visual affirmation.
                 You can clear the stress causing brain patterns and release the energies that they were holding.  Then it might be easier to develop new behaviors and try to substitute the new ways for the old ways.
                  But old material that got pushed directly into the body was not created by a decision or series of decisions.  It's not like a program we can keep updating.  It's more like a video tape.  You either play it or not.
                   If you don't get triggered by being fearful about your current life, you don't play it.  But since it's kind of "built in" that we'll get triggered, what Netherton does is erase the tapes.  And if you erase the original recording by seeing it's other people's words, then there's no original to make duplicates in current life again.                

                 SK will access the brain and remove the decisions we put in those neurons.
                     Body-Mind Release processing will access the directly embedded energies and physical conditions that were caused by other people.

                  They both help.  The key is to use them in ways that we know are working.

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