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What Specialized Kinesiology doesn't do
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               This article is meant for non-practitioners of specialized kinesiology as well as people who are practitioners and their clients.  So there will be points I discuss that practitioners already know about.

              There are different ways energy gets stuck in the body and energy fields. and therefore, there needs to be different approaches in removing  them. 
                I've described in Part-1 how decisions I, myself, made held in energy charge.  Now I'll explain why some embedded energy just doesn't come out with kinesiological treatment to the nervous system.  And why it does come out with a "direct energy" accessing method like Netherton's.

Part 1    Part 3    Part 4

by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
Expert in Body-Mind Release Therapies; Netherton, Reichian, Bioenergetic, Structural & Energetic.      
years successful experience with this particular system
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                 I want to resume my comment on trying to change old tapes.
                 I said at the end of Part-1 that a lot of people try to change their behavior by attempting to program a new, positive belief system on top of an older, negative programmed one.  People mistakenly think they are "changing" the old belief system because they think both belief systems are in the brain.
                 But we find that's not factually correct.   They are putting in a second belief system side by side with the old.  And the old still remains even though their conscious mind prefers to follow the new one.
When there's no stress, they might be able to follow the new one.  But which one they'll follow in times of stress depends on how another part of them views their current life.
             What really happens to change our reactions to circumstances is we just don't feel the need to get upset, fearful or angry about the same kinds of things.  And we might also practice new behavior habits, make affirmations or change our energies with meditation and better foods.
                 But if we still get triggered in the same old ways, then we know that an old belief system and it's complete video tape is still embedded inside us, in a physical way.               

                 First I want to share another observation, which I think is noteworthy in itself.  All of my 13 clients who'd had a lot of SK (including 6 practitioners) were amongst the very best Netherton releasers
.  They all got in touch with their past experiences very easily and could immediately see the step by step details.  They did the translating from energy to sentences very well.
                  So another benefit of SK is an improved connection from conscious to subconscious mind, and from conscious mind into the body.  All the people were rather "open," too.  And of, course, they were interested in releasing old energies from the body.

                But every one still had a large amount of old energy stored in the body that came out with the Netherton method.  And they had the issues that were still active, coming out of those tensions and emotional energies  Just doing the SK had not cleared them. And going back to what I said about Structural Integration helping SK do more, these energies weren't still there just because the fascia had not been opened.  Bodywork definitely helped.  But I did a lot of it for all but one of these folks and the issues and energies still remained until we did the Netherton approach.
                    So there's another mechanism that has to do with how the energy was put into the body in the first place.

                    The conclusion I draw from this is that the Netherton-Structural Integration-Reichian method, and the Specialized Kinesiology method are two therapies that work together.  But they don't do exactly the same things.
I am pleased to report that at least one SK practitioner I treated has been using a lot of the Netherton approach with clients.  I'd like to see more of that.  And I think it's less of a job for an experienced SK practitioner, with all their bottles and testing protocols, to learn some Netherton techniques rather than the other way around.  I would also like to see some practitioners of each working together.


              Here's the major point.  I have found that virtually ALL the long term negative patterns we have were really forced upon us by the actions that other people did to us, and by the "words" or attitudes about us that they said or felt at the time of their actionWhat they did and what they said forms the foundation of the repeating pattern.  And they did it while our own attention was on something else.
              Later, we ourselves may think the same ideas.  In fact, some people start off in the Netherton work thinking this is the source of their issue; that they made a decision about how hopeless something was, etc.
              But I have to correct this misunderstanding.  I ask them to look at the episode in their mind's eye and see if the person harming them was also saying the same thing, but in a "You such and such," instead of an "I such and such."
              Invariably, they say yes and can see the moment in the episode where it was happening.  Then they process out the energy with the technique and I can feel that it actually leaves the body.  Before, when they were saying the words as if they themselves originated them, I would feel no energy release happening.
              So the original implantation was made by the other person.  The decisions to have this kind of thing happen to us, repeatedly since then, were never made by us to begin with.  Other people's words, and actions, tell us "what the story is" and even tell us that the event will repeat.

              There is a common misunderstanding by the general populace that I wish to point out.  Many people, perhaps most, believe that their issues were caused by general patterns of up bringing or by specific decisions they made sometime in childhood or later.  I can say from experience that these are part of it.  And one can work with them in psychotherapy and spiritual counseling.  SK helps, too, because it will change brain patterns and release body energies, especially if the muscles are opened with the Bodywork.
the original implantations - that went directly into the body - are not the mental conditionings we get from "training" when we're older children or teenagers.  That conditioning happens later than these, usually at times the person can remember.
                These more original energies were, in this lifetime, put in at a very early age, before we can remember, and before we had a conscious reasoning mind to filter what those other people were saying.  Many happened at different times of the pre-natal, at birth, and some in infancy.  We understand psychologically speaking that they go right into the subconscious mind and act as commands and belief systems.  And we don't even realize they're there because we can't view them with our normal way of looking.
                 But as I keep saying, these energies went directly into the body, without a parallel mental conditioning.
                 So that kind of conditioning is pretty hard to change neurologically since we don't even know it's there, no less that we don't have a "mental" way to find and change it.  We might understand that we want to change the conditioning that happened later, and we'll practice doing the better behavior.
                 Yet the hindrances from those earlier times seem to keep dragging us down.  Or they do their own behavior for a while even though we want to behave differently and "know better."

                 That's because they were put there with a lot of simultaneous physical energy.  They have more power than a verbal instruction that comes later on, or even an attempt to express ourselves better.
                 In fact, it's not even a matter of competing power.  And there's nothing that can be "changed" or "reprogrammed." There's an "energy packet" in there.  It's just an absorption of energy that occurred in a past experience that we went through physically. 
It just so happens that the energy we absorbed included the psychological and emotional components of people in the scenes as well as what was physically going on, too.  We can't change how these packets are made up any more than we can change a videotape movie in our VCR.
 A lot of times, like in the prenatal and birth, there's a lot of physical pressure and squeezing.  And with that, there's a lot of strong emotional feelings we quite literally "picked up" from our mothers.  These physical actions activate when we get "triggered" into the psychological kinds of feelings Mother had.  So the physiological reaction we feel can be fairly strong.
              In past lives, we die, and the blows that kill us, plus the weakening and contracting life force, will also get activated and give us pains, weakness and an action of withdrawal.  It all activates physically when the psychological part resonates with what we ourselves are feeling about the present circumstance.

               So we're dealing with something like a big splinter we picked up, or a giant parasite with a fixed reaction to certain kinds of circumstances.  Activate the parasite in those times of your life by having a serious fear, and the old material in the energy packet fills your muscles, your organs, and your thought patterns and speech.
                 On the other hand, the way people think of it, the later conditioning is not some energy packet put into the body with a lot of energy. It's verbal direction that the person understands with the intellect, and follows,
(liking it or not).
              But the words coming out of the two kinds of experiences are indeed the same.  What Mother said in the prenatal, what she might have exclaimed to the child of 2 months old, and what she expressed to the child of 8, are the same sentences, the same energy forms.  But in the very early times, they did not go through the intellect as a learning and deciding experience.
                 The more original energies were physically pasted on, and pasting on doesn't lend itself to reprogramming, even with brain accessing techniques.  That's why the old conditionings still hang on even though we've made headway into new behaviors.

                 Let me add to this "pasting" idea.  It will amplify what I first said about who put what in.
                 The original implantations, even those of other people's words during the event, are not held there because we made a mental, emotional decision to hold them. They were "direct placements" of the other person's energy, right into our flesh.  And the other person placed them there. 
So it doesn't make much sense to try to remove them on the premise we ourselves placed them there or that we ourselves made the decisions embedded in the energy.
They were pushed into the collagen fibers of the soft connective tissue, and into the "micro-tubules" elsewhere in the flesh. It happens both because of our own contracting muscular tension, with fear and protection at the time, and because of the physical force that the other person is applying in the form of shaking, or a blow or stab.
             So none of the stuff from the other person is our doing.  We are busy tensing up and protecting.  The other person is making the statements.  And once they are in the unconscious mind, as SK people know, these statements act as commands for all future behavior.  But these statements reside in the flesh.

             For example, if, while spanking a child, a parent says, "You're bad!  You never do anything right.  You'll never amount to anything," that's a program being pushed into the body flesh.
             SK practitioners know about energies stored in the body. And with their methods, may release nerve patterns that have kept some of the contracting energies that the kid made for the muscles of the buttocks. They may also be able to remove some of the energies of fear or anger in the torso's emotional centers.
                What's not been clarified however, is that the hitting energies of the adult, and the chaos all around the event, hold their statements in. And since their statements are the ones that became the commands on how we should behave, we'll repeat the tightening up in the buttocks, for instance, when something in our current life "resonates" with the parent's energy in the buttocks muscles or someplace else.
It'll also resonate with similar energies in the auric energy field that flows through the buttocks muscles.  Those energies got put in that location in past lives when we were hit there, too.  And as you will read farther on, its the past life deaths that run us after we've cleared out this life's stuff with say, the Bodywork and SK.
The very action of hitting sends the energies in the person's hand, arm and shoulder deep inside.  They say It's hopeless, and I'll teach you to be bad, and so forth.  And because of the deep alpha state that's created, the kid's body picks up the emotional energies in the parent's chest, belly, pelvis and legs, too.
                But none of this action is occurring in the child's brain.  And very importantly, the child is not making any subconscious decision about these ideas that are occupying the feelings of the parent.  The kid's attention is focused on tensing and protection from the pain.
There might even be some resentment, or resistance created by the kid.  But it's not about what the parent is feeling, from the parent's side.  Not at this moment in time.
             Yet, from then on, the recipient does have the kinds of thoughts that the parent had as well as his own.  Or, the thoughts may be amplified, because the same sentences occurred in past lives, infancy, pre-natal and birth.  So something other than what went on in the child's brain is keeping the parent's negative energy in.

In all the time frames in which we were physically subdued, even to the point of being killed, or that we just received by pressures in Mother's belly or birth canal, the "original" words that became "the lasting decisions" never went through our conscious mind.  And the decisions to keep those words in our flesh were never made in the mind either.  In fact, everyone I've worked with who does a Netherton process, discovers just then, that the decisions about current life beliefs are just recorded words of other people, stamped in the flesh by the other people.

              So during the trauma itself, the "original" commands that got stuck inside us, weren't decisions, nor even observations, made on our own part.  Even if we were also  consciously aware of a situation our own minds did not make the energies in the body that became our subconscious commands.
               This comes up in all kinds of release processings.  It's a misunderstanding because people's brain patters think that they, the brain patterns, are what control the person's own life.
             A person might think "they" said "It's hopeless," during an event, like being stuck in a dungeon when it's hopeless no one will let us out and no one can hear our cries for help.  But when we do the Netherton "word discovery" technique, we always find that first, hours or days earlier, it was the abusing other person who told us, "It's hopeless!  No one can hear you. I'll never let you out."  while we were tensed up in the physical confrontation with him (or her).
             I know it's the abuser's words that were the ones stuck in the person's body because I can  feel that the energy leaves the body and the person gets more relaxed.  But when the person was saying it from the place some time later, when he or she thought it, no energy left.  The processing person him or herself, can often feel the difference, too.

            So, to repeat, in the original episodes these are  commands from other people. That's what's stuck in the body.  And they always get implanted during times of great overwhelm, and then, possibly death. The other people's sentences input the information into the physical things they did.
            There's their physical actions, their emotional and verbal energies, there's our physical experience and our emotional energy. But our emotional energies are not the command statements the other person is expressing.  All get stuck in together.  Some of our feelings may parallel some of theirs, but it's their statements that do the commands.
            So when we do a technique to clear out the energy packet, we have to clear out all four parts, and the parts of other people in the episode as well, including people and events just before, and just after, the specific physical confrontation or pressure.
             This means clearing out the doctors, nurses and midwives at birth and father, grandmother, grandfather, etc in the prenatal.
             The other people's emotional attitudes are part of the energies that will tend to make the same kinds of things keep happening to us, and they will also tell us how we should keep getting caught up in it.
             Even when it's not harsh or abusive, it acts like this.  One young man had ongoing depression because he couldn't do as well in a new environment as he did before.  And he didn't know what to do to help these new people.
             Turns out, he was very sick in the chest as an infant and his parents also didn't know what to do to help.  They were the ones in the episode who were emotionally depressed.  And he was the one who had the weakened and tense feeling.  This wasn't the most significant episode to release, but after clearing the parents' words at the same time he was focusing on the tension in his own body, he said his chest became a little looser, and he realized he wasn't so depressed.  He'd cleared out the other people's words.

              As SK practitioners understand, the implanted energies perpetuate the hopelessness and stress of the past scenarios.  What I'm saying here is that these energies are not held in the body because of mental decisions we, ourselves made, even without realizing it.  Therefore, they can't be released from chronically tight muscles holding them in because there aren't any activating nerve signals from the original episodes.
               Once the pattern is started in current life however, the brain will get the ideas and will turn on the muscle tightening signals.  Then a SK "diffusion" will turn them off.  But the signals aren't coming from the more original commands.

             So rather than our own mental decisions keeping energies in us, it's really energies that keep giving us the mental thoughts.
Here are a few examples.  "Stop crying! Or I'll really give you something to cry about."   "Don't you ever talk back to me again."  These are statements made by a parent who's already shaking or hitting the child.   And these are the statements still inside people who hold back their crying or their anger.  They tensed up at the time because they were in fear.  That enabled their own fearful emotions to get stuck inside them.  The angry other person's words went into the flesh because their own grabbing or hitting put them there.  From then on, the other person's commands tell this person to shove down anger and hold in tears.
"You never should have said that.  Now you're going to pay for it."  This is a statement made by a captor in a past life who's imprisoned the person, or is having him held by two others, and now he's going to beat and/or kill that person.
 Besides being threatened literally for your life, hopelessness is another reason to stuff.  What good will it do to say something?  "It's hopeless.  He never listens to me.  I can't say anything to him that will make him change.  I'll just have to forget about it and go back to my housework,"  This is a statement felt, or thought, by Mother in the prenatal, while her tensing up abdomen is pressing her feelings into the flesh of the unborn child inside her.
                  It's Mothers' words long before we, ourselves, had a reasoning intellect. And what's key is that Mothers' words are a belief system that says to hold in those energies.  In the person's own life, he or she may not have a lot of obvious anger about others, but rather, a lot of futility and hopelessness regarding being unable to say and get what one wants.

                Now that I've explained about directly embedded energies, let me again comment about trying to change tape.  You can do it in brain patterns.  But you can't do it for the energies themselves.  So guiding a client through an imagery with a different outcome of the old scene doesn't change the original scene.  It will help to create another outcome though, if you do it as a repeated visual affirmation.
                 You can clear the stress causing brain patterns and release the energies that they were holding.  Then it might be easier to develop new behaviors and try to substitute the new ways for the old ways.
                  But old material that got pushed directly into the body was not created by a decision or series of decisions.  It's not like a program we can keep updating.  It's more like a video tape.  You either play it or not.
                   If you don't get triggered by being fearful about your current life, you don't play it.  But since it's kind of "built in" that we'll get triggered, what Netherton does is erase the tapes.  And if you erase the original recording by seeing it's other people's words, then there's no original to make duplicates in current life again.


                   In the next section, Part-3, I'll bring up the issue of survival.  I have found that all the key episodes that cause our patterns are about survival.  They'll have hopelessness and anger, sorrow, guilt, etc in them, too.  But they got stuck inside us because our survival was at stake.                  

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