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Loosen Heads & De-stress Faces    
Loosen Legs & Pelvis, even Relengthen them
Loosen & Relengthen Arms, even to the hands and shoulders    
Fix Backs & Necks

By Master Postural Integrator Lou Gross BSEE   
1-321-726-9083  louisryoshin@yahoo.com


Using Structural Integration Principles to -

Loosen Heads - Actual Hands-on class:  Everyone gets a tight head.  it's because the fascia of the whole set of 30 muscles is bunched up, and that crams the bones together.  Stress, physical effort, tense jaws, and falls or blows tighten the head.  Abused people have tight heads, for instance, as do people under stress and even people who stretch the rest of their bodies.

This workshop teaches people how to loosen the bunch up on the outside of the head and face, and also loosen some necks, shoulders and back muscles.

It's an excellent stress reliever and people even look less stressed and younger after it.  If you're familiar with acupressure face lifts, or little vibratory machines, this approach does a lot more, and enables those methods to do more, because more of the muscles will be accessible, and the whole head tightness has been loosened, not just the face.

Available one on one with me, or with your own model, or exchanging with a bodyworker partner.


Tips to Loosen Legs - An information class with "What to do" steps:  Some amount of hands-on is available. 

Legs tighten up a lot.

Wouldn't it be helpful to know which sets of leg muscles cause calf tightness, or quadriceps tendon tightness over the knee, or flattened arches. 

We'll use information from my Sports Medicine book and Physical Benefits of Structural Integration Booklet.  We'll add additional insights, including why we have to do the top in order to loosen and lengthen the body well.


Loosening Arms - Hands on:  Everyone gets tight arms and hands, even if they don't hurt. 

Yet bunch-up in the arm fascia causes tension in the neck, shoulders, back and chest.  Loosening and lengthening arms has helped a lot of people who were loose in the rest of their bodies, get even much looser. 

And it's great to get arms loosened for massage and physical therapists, surgeons, chiropractors, even auto mechanics and hairdressers.


Fixing Backs and Tight Necks - A guide to the lengthenings to do, where on the body to do them, in what order, and why.  Back tightness affects perhaps 80% of the populace.  Significant pain affects maybe 40-50%.

Back and neck problems come from almost every other area of he bod structure.  This multi-hour class explains the locally caused tightness, the interconnected tightness from other areas of the structure and he misalignment caused tightness because of the body being zig zagged and out of balance from standing up straight.

The class will explain how to do a short version of a whole, interconnected set of muscles to create a lot of looseness and reduce the pain maybe even to zero.  It will also explain what's left, by viewing he still misaligned shape, and then where to lengthen next to do a longer version hat improves the structure further and provides extra leeway to prevent the back and neck tightness from reoccurring anywhere near as soon again.


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