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Structural Integration Bodywork &

Body-Mind Negative Release Processing


by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
25 years successful experience
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         I am also professionally trained in other, very effective body-oriented release techniquesThese enable us to remove a lot more residues of the old negative experiences that are still making us “unnecessarily” tight and stressed in our current lives. The techniques are relatively non-traumatic, comfortable to do and easy to learn, and they can be done over the phone as well as in person, and even combined in a Bodywork session.

This other releasing adds to the long-term physical relaxation we get from the Bodywork, at the same time that it performs the emotional and trauma release.  The bunched-up fascia and the negative energy residues both cause the muscles to stay in a contracted shape.

Once the Bodywork removes the fixed shortness and misalignment in the shape of the fascia, these other methods can access and remove the even deeper energies still inside. The techniques can be done either in series, after a Bodywork session, or in parallel, right during the session.  Often, many of these negative energies are of a “free floating” kind inside the body, and a lot of them can be removed with the techniques even before the Bodywork itself. 

 These body “recordings” can actually keep causing the same kinds of negative behavior, and negative experiences, to re-occur in people’s lives year after year. This is because their pattern of activity is still going on within us, just like a tape or CD playing over and over again.  That “behavior pattern” will often re-create a lot of the same kind of muscle “tightening pattern,” the shape that was fixed in the fascia before the Bodywork neutralized it.

You see, when the traumatic event happened, the world was a particular kind of negative place and we had to behave in a certain tense, restrictive, or even angry way to handle it.  We might even have had instinctive feelings of fear and hopelessness.  Now, that whole behavior has become “attached” to us, including what “other” people did to us in the incident.  Since that time, this “dramatic movie” has been operating in parallel with what we, consciously, would want to have happen, and it makes us feel things inside us that we’d prefer not to feel.

It is a “script.”  At various times, we ourselves will identify with the victim role of that script, and at other times we’ll identify with the victimizer or abuser role.  It’ll just depend on our particular circumstance, and whom we are relating with.

Obviously, when we remove the recordings out of the body, the patterns they were expressing will diminish, or even disappear.  The events themselves are long gone.  Erasing the energy recordings inside the body means the residues of the events are also gone.  Then, however the brain was affected by this energy is also gone, too; and that includes the thoughts, flashbacks, emotional reactions and even what people call the “programming.”

These patterns that keep running in our lives are simply the activity of a series of similar episodes whose energies we absorbed a long time ago.  And some of the most influential episodes happened when we were very young.  Even when people have traumatic events happen in their teenage or adult years, we usually find similar or related events at much earlier times. These earlier events also added their negative energies, their physical tightenings and even the same kinds of sentences right into the “stack” of video tapes that keep playing the pattern.

         Now, these particular kinds of emotional release techniques are quite different from what most people have tried and, based on my 17 years of experience, they are more effective in releasing this kind of material, especially when combined with the Bodywork..

With them, we can do things that other methods cannot.  First, besides removing trauma and tightness from the events, we will simultaneously be removing the negative belief systems and negative commands that were forced upon us by others during the past negative experiences.

Words like, “You’re bad,”  “It’s hopeless,”  “I hate you,”  “I have to battle you,” “I can’t handle this,” “I’m going to die,” and many others actually get impressed right into our bodies, especially when we were hit or otherwise caused to tense up, even if it was in a natural, scary event.  Words of grief get embedded in the same way.  And then, because we’re not conscious that these are past recordings, we may think the sentences and attitudes are still true today, and that they are our words now.  Even if we realize the words are not true today, the sentences still keep coming to mind and the tension still keeps coming up in the body.  These special release techniques can actually erase those words and tension patterns.

 In addition, with these methods, we can make the clearing of the pattern that’s been running us more complete than if we just cleared one incident.  We can connect our conscious awareness to the earlier events that got embedded in our bodies, many of which we don’t mentally remember.  People can get in contact with the energies in their bodies, complete with the words that were said or implied, even from the pre-verbal, birth and pre-natal times, (where we always find similar, formative episodes).  At these times, most of the “words” will be what other people said while our own bodies were being tense, hit or pressed upon.

Even though we don’t “mentally” know about those events, the experiences still left energy imprints inside the muscle and organ tissues of our bodies.  And they do affect us, even though we usually can’t consciously see the connection.

By using this kind of body-oriented approach, we can sense and then express what we picked up at those times.  And with these methods, we can stay conscious and aware while we remove the energies It’s not hypnosis and it’s not an hysterical emotional acting out.  It’s an awareness, feeling and expressing process.  And it can be very thorough.

This process is surprisingly straightforward to do. And as the material comes through our consciousness and goes out of the body, we get to see, in the mind’s eye, the specifics of each episode.  If we do a series of episodes from early time frames, we also recognize just how the pattern got set up.

Once material has been accessed and expressed, we still have the mental memories of what we saw coming out of the tissues, but the emotional charge in the body that initially occurred right in those past episodes is now gone.

 Especially when combined with the Bodywork, this special method is also a fast and relatively non-traumatic way to remove the residues from specific traumatic events like auto accidents, muggings, experiences in war, severe illness, the loss of a loved one, childhood or spousal abuse, long periods of stress, and even severe upsets in a marriage, whether the event happened yesterday or many years ago.  It doesn’t take very long at all and people repeatedly say how much freer, more relaxed and more “like themselves” they again feel.


          Lou Gross BSEE is an electronics engineer who worked on the space shuttle program.  Now he does “people engineering.”  Lou has been a school certified Master Level Postural Integrator since 1983 and has been doing the release techniques since 1985. He has over 2000 hours specialized training.  He is very experienced in improving athletic performance and the abilities of performing artists. And he is an expert in removing even chronic pain and stiffness, in increasing seniors’ mobility and aliveness, and combined with living food and other techniques, in creating exceptional personal growth, with improvements in our professional capabilities. Lou is in the process of publishing three books on Structural Integration including Back Fix Bodywork, Understanding the Cause of Back Pain, and How to Get it Fixed, and is writing another on Body-Mind release processing.  Besides your coming to him, he will also travelAnd many booklets and testimonials on all facets of his work are available.  Lou will also consult with you on the phone.  And he teaches the Bodywork to massage therapists, other health professionals and non-professionals as well.



There are many more, very descriptive testimonials, on all topics accessible from the Home Page.

            Lou makes my body work the way it's supposed to work.  The treatments allow me to do what I do, easier, and more fluently.  After each session my flexibility, range of motion, speed and balance are all better.

Mike Powell, WORLD RECORD HOLDER Long Jump

After the first 4-hr session, I didn't have any problem with my left hamstring, which had been troubling me for nearly three weeks.  This Bodywork let me train so well and still not have the tightness, in the hamstring and in the rest of my body.

Christina Cahill (Nee Boxer), 800 and 1500 meter runner

The most incredible result has been my very fast and easy recovery.  I now have no problem completely recovering from a marathon of 26 miles in just 3-4 hours, to where I would enjoy running again if I wanted to.  I feel like I'm totally back to normal in two days.
        My performance has also increased, including the fact that I pass people at the end of the marathon, going up hill.

Dr BP, Dentist, MARATHON RUNNER, age 28

         I no longer have the muscle tightness and spasms, and the deep pain, in my right leg the way I did for 4-5 years.  And it kept getting steadily worse.  Also, the whole lower back area is a lot better.  I haven’t had any problem there since Lou’s treatments, and it was a problem off and on for 30 years. Doing my work is easier. I don’t have to strain. I can twist my body without it being tight, and I’m more flexible. I can do my own exercises and stretches and demonstrate them for my patients, and I couldn’t do that before either.


I've had almost constant pain in my arms and right leg (diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy with Reynauds).  And I've felt negative, humdrum, unhealthy and "doomed."
            After just 2-1/4 hours of Lou's treatment I felt like a new person: relaxed, clear and free of pain...more than I'd been in a long time!  My face also looks better; my color is better and I look younger. The tension I had in my face is gone.  "I feel good!"
            Right away in the treatment I could feel this was doing a lot more than therapeutic massage, swimming, chiropractic and anma massage.

Ms SB, Businesswoman, age 41 

I'd look forward to the total relaxation after each session.  I slept incredibly.  It would free my mind of all STRESS.  When Lou worked on my head, right away deep relaxation would flow through my entire body.
            The overall effects of the sessions carried into my work and home life.  I always used to push myself, even if I was already straining.  Now, if I need time out during the day, I can let go and take it.  I can now focus on what is most important and things don't "work me up" so much.

Mr CL, VP Finance and part Owner, Computer Systems Firm, age 37 

            The Bodywork increases my health and vitality, and makes me feel calmer.  It clears up conditions; when I'm starting to get ill, it puts me back on center with my health.
            Along with this, when I feel I'm "stuck" in my career or personal life, I notice I'm also "stuck" in my body; I have physical tension and tightness and a lack of flowing energy, that I can't mentally "let go."  The Bodywork helps me feel better and move forward by breaking up this stuck energy and tightness.
            It also helps me psychologically.  It helps me through emotions

Ms SL, Businesswoman, age 43  

I began a series of Bodywork and Body-mind releasing treatments soon after my father died.  I was feeling sad, depressed, and dissatisfied with all my relationships in general.  In the first session I released a lot of pent up frustration as well as grief and felt "100%" better.  Through succeeding sessions I've developed a greater, and growing, sense of well-being and self worth. 

Mr SS. Businessman 

Before, things would throw me off balance; I'd take them way too seriously.  Now I take things much more rationally and in stride Even the things that are serious don't inundate me now, so I can deal with them.  Before, I'd just sit around and be shell-shocked.
            In difficult situations involving romantic relationships, I now act in totally new, constructive, mature ways, and wind up happier.  And I no longer engage in self-defeating behavior.  My fears have diminished.  I don't look at life as something to be feared anymore.
I definitely got in touch with my anger.  I never knew I had any anger.  I'm not afraid of my anger anymore, and get rid of it constructively when it comes up. 

Ms LG, Attorney 

While I was a loving, caring person before the treatment, it specifical­ly opened my heart more and helped me let go of the fears and past difficulties that caused me stress in both my social and professional livesNow I can better deal with people who are closed and help them much more.  And I feel confident with who I am and what I can do.

Ms JL, Nurse and Social Worker 

This work made it easier for me to access long buried feelings, and it had a lot to do with expediting my psychological therapy.  Lou's Treatments and my verbal psycho-therapy, work together very well.  It's a good combination for anyone trying to get in touch with themselves.

C.B. Special Education Teacher

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