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Sept 21, Added a LOT OF LINKS to the Links Page with some description about the sites, and, have been upgrading my info about the stretching and relaxation tapes and my books and services as a resource.

Sept 1, 2003  Added a LOT these past two months, since early July.  Home page modified to include trips, phone sessions, features, added structural integration classes, embellished the stretching & relaxation page, added two chapters on Zen Buddhist Practice, added four Body-Mind articles, emphasizing Grief Resolution further.

Nov 20, 2002  Put Fixing Fibromyalgia Article on site - available from Home Page Menu and from Free Booklets Menu

Nov 18, 2002 Put Explanation of typical Netherton Reichian sessions - and their results on the site.  Shifted some minor articles from home page to other page menus.  Added to Yoga Benefits Article, Stretching Tips article & Yoga Testimonials.

Nov 13, 2002  Home page now has better navigation information.  Meditation How-To now includes stretching tips on parts 2 and 3.  Specialized kinesiology article part-2 is clearer.

Aug 25, 2002  Added Zen Meditation sitting instruction article.

Aug 22, 2002   Expanded the Postural Integration Plus article in the Netherton explanation of the PI Plus section of the article.  It is now two big pages total and the Netherton section gives new, useful insights about body and mind therapy.

Added a comment on the home page stress explanation that points out the relationship between stress and back pain, especially lower back pain.


Aug 20, 2002  I've added a lot of information to the Home Page's benefits description.  It now tells you more ways you can use Structural Integration, Postural Integration and other techniques to improve your well being and increase your performance.  This page now describes some of my own Bodywork "modifications" to the basic 10-step recipe.  They enable me to do more for people, sooner.

This description brings to light my multi-session travel program that enables me to go to someone's home and do a large number of hours on them, and others, in a short amount of time.  I can do this because of the Bodywork system modifications I describe.

This also describes more about my Enhanced Performance programs for different groups of professionals.  For instance, while everyone gets tremendous benefits from the basic Bodywork itself, business executives want some other specific kinds of improvements that are different from what police officers and firemen might want, and from what health care professionals might want. This site has a number of descriptive pages of the multi-benefit approach, for each professional category.

These additions also give some information about how long it takes to make different improvements.  And whether a person needs the whole 10-step program to feel better, or can they get big improvements in just a few hours.  Feel free to contact me for more details in your free consultation.


Aug 4, 2002  I have made the Sports Medicine and BodyMind Kinesiology articles both much longer.  They are now much better at defining their subjects.  And are two web pages each.

The Sports medicine benefits article can be a stand alone introduction because it tells a little more in its narrative, and his has over 15 testimonials, covering a few more subjects.  Very helpful. 

And I have added another psychological page, about personal growth and negative pattern releasing.  It's available from the home page and from the Trauma Release program pages.

Aug 2, 2002  Another new bodymind therapy article, on erasing our series of movies.  And the Postural Integration plus article has been greatly expanded.  There is also a comment on the very top section in the Home page narrative, the section about fixing pains and improving athletic performance.  It explains what to read on site first, then to call or email me.  It also mentions my articles and books.

July 31, 2002   Two  new articles are on site:  Postural Integration Plus   and   The Four Layers of Personality that Develop in the Body during Abuse.  A little more detail has been described on the Getting Sessions page, regarding e-mail advice.  And a short explanation of my Success Directions program is on the Institute for Enhanced Performance page.  All these are accessible from the Home page menu.

July 26, 2002      KNEES

 Lately I've been helping people suffering from knee painFirst, you have to know what's tight, or rather short in the fascia.  Then you should know about long-term pain induced stress.

Pain on top of the knee is on the tendon coming from the quad muscles on the top of the thighs, and it attaches near the top of the lower leg bone.  Short muscles pull on the tendon.  See the last two sections of Fixing Accumulated Shortness on the Free Booklets menu.  Bike riding, running up hill and weight machine work all bunch up quads.

Quads are held tight by muscles all over the leg and pelvis, so it really takes re-lengthening all around.  Major players are the hamstrings, so do the runners' stretch for the whole back of the leg and try to get your mind in the muscles section by section.  See the Stretching Tips article.  There's also bunch up in the tensor fascia lata in the front of the thigh and in the gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus on the sides of the pelvis.  Also stretch the adductors on the inside of the thighs and the IT band on the outside.  And don't forget the lower leg and the back as well.

But remember, I don't recommend people pull and pull in pain! In my stretching classes, I repeatedly say, "Feel the stretch and pull as best you can, but don't hurt yourself!"  My understanding of "stretching, is more like "spreading."  If we can get the collagen fibers in the fascia to spread back out, like "warm melting butter,"  the muscle body lengths will be longer and that will take pressure off the tendons and other areas that are not designed by nature to lengthen so much.  This is why I recommend the foods and other muscle softening techniques.

Pain behind the knee, re-lengthen the hamstrings and calves.  Stretch the feet, too, and the back, as they are in the long line of interconnections.  Try do a lying on the floor cross one leg over stretch, to lengthen some of the buttocks.  Even do a knees up, feet on the floor pull from side to side as you move your bent legs to the floor each side.  Try to stay inside the tissue and feel it all giving way, like putty warming up.

Pain on the inner part of the knee, adductors are tight.  But the whole leg is tight!

I recommend people get an anatomy book or chart.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  Even look in the Library.  Get a picture in your own mind where all these muscles are and where their tendons attach to.  Also look at the muscles next to them, and in the long chain extending from them.  When we can picture what's there, it's like looking at a blue print when we stretch.  I think it's more effective.

For easier stretching, check out Foods for Structure and even get a good massage so it loosens the muscle hardness.  A hot bath is helpful, but I find the change in tissue consistency and the work of the massage is even more powerful.  If you can all of this, and drink enuf water, too, the fascia gives way easier.

Confusion between neuromuscular tissue healing and myo-fascial relengthening treatments.  This is a very important distinction.  Please go to the Sports Medicine article for this as well as the Fixing Accumulated Shortness article.  They explain how we have been conditioned to think of hurt tissue as a local phenomenon.  That's how doctors and even massage therapists look at it. 

But a lot of structural pain is just soreness in one place that's being pulled by tightness someplace else.  Even achilles tendon tears are coming, in large part, from very tight hamstrings. I've had my elbows inside some of those hamstrings while I looked at the scar tissue in the ankles.

If you do physical therapy right on the knee pain, like heat, you may feel more pain if you do not also relengthen the fascia in the related muscles that are pulling on the sore area.  The medical-massage concept is to bring nutrition into the area and remove waste products out of the area.  Good idea.  Especially for a bang or just soreness.  For a shortness condition that is getting worse, and there are now pains in the back, or shoulder, or other leg, look to the overall "bodysuit" made of fascial putty.

I use magnetic therapy these days, like my mattress, car seat and shoe inserts.  I've worked with Olympians who used myo-matic electrical stimulators.  I believe in hydrotherapy.  And so on.  Almost every single gadget or bed or medical suggestion relates to the nerves, muscles and metabolic functioning.  People who finally find me have done a lot of it.  And their pains are getting worse.  That's why I wrote these articles; to explain very clearly the shortness of the fascia problem.

Long Term Pain induced stress -  Well, the pain is bad enuf but the not knowing what's causing it and the not knowing how to fix it is even worse.  The upshot is that the head, neck and torso all get bunched up in the fascia, and that bunch-up also contains emotional energy about the pain, of overwhelm, and even confusion.  Just the tensing up against the feeling of pain will do this.  Then, there's often frustration, depression and even hopelessness in the pelvis, buttocks and thigh fascia. 

I've found that this stuff comes out with a lot of intense yoga stretching, if the muscles actually will give way, and of course, it always comes out with the connective tissue bodywork. 

A myo-fascial release practitioner might be able to do enough in all these areas to help the stress removal, even if his or her manipulations aren't deep enough to fix all the tightness actually causing the pain.  The manipulations may be able to help you stretch it out better. 

Remember, pain in the muscles around the joint, from a non contact injury, and when there's no damage yet inside the joint, involves fascial shortness, and usually over a lot of the body, not just locally.  Read Fixing Accumulated Shortness if you haven't already.

But it could be more.  At least there could be inflammation.  To be on the safe side, if you have a persistent problem and stretching, etc doesn't fix it, I always tell people to get it checked out with a physical medicine doctor, so you can at least see what is or is not there.  Or, see the athletic trainer.

Often, because of hard, tight tissue that doesn't give way, stretching may not get it but a lot of Structural Integration depth of connective tissue manipulation will help if that's the only issue.  See the Back and Other Pains and Tightness testimonials.

Now on the Site: 

-Descriptions of my Structural Stretching and Energized Relaxation tapes.
  Also, references to summary testimonials on the Executives and Police-Firemen Programs pages. All these program pages now have direct links to testimonial pages and various appropriate articles.
-I also put up info on pages:  About Lou, Catalog, Getting Sessions, Trainings. 
-And, I added two new articles to the Body-Mind Therapy Section
.  -Of course, the home page top section is expanded with better reading of the bold and with direct links to inside. 
-I've even put links to the articles on the home page under the Introductory Info part of the left column menu
- AND There's a page about the purposes of The Institute for Enhanced Performance !!!  Look on Home page left column at bottom of subjects list, and at bottom of entire home page, right column.

Also added:

COOL VIEWING TIP - Something I, myself like to do.
If you don't like the text pages with a wide green border, Click Favorites on Internet Explorer & view the pages side by side with the favorites list, text info now has a narrow border.

This might make  the Home Page right column look "cleaner" and easier to read for you.  Narrower columns are often easier - look at a newspaper.  Try it yourself.  What do you think?

There's a lot to scroll thru if you like all the info on this site.  Invest $20 or so in an optical scrolling mouse.  Eliminates having to place the cursor over the bar at the right.  You click once on the document and scroll the page with your fingertip.  And with the optical feature, I can even use it on my bed spread or couch.

- And, we have this What's New page.  It's a big help for me because now I have a place where I can easily type in what I'm finding out people need.  My books, stretching tape and articles for sale give a lot of details themselves.  But here I can give some immediate help.

Books Tip.  A non-practitioner said that after he read a few articles, he thought "Why buy the books?  If you're a serious athlete or a body therapist, they'll give you soooo much information that you can use immediately.  For some info right away, read How our Structures Work and The Structural Fascial Form, excerpts from the two books.  Also read their Summaries-Synopsis.

Need help?  Try email or voicemail.     Lou

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by Lou Gross, School Certified Master Postural Integrator
20 years successful experience
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